How does it work?

IFS Insurance Solutions understand that each FAAA member is different and has their own unique lifestyle and financial commitments. That is why the FAAA Accident & Illness insurance policy gives you the flexibility to tailor a policy that is right for you.

You can choose from two plans:
Plan A – offers coverage for both injury and illness
Plan B – offers injury only cover

Both plans provide you with worldwide cover 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, regardless of whether you are at home, work, playing or training for non professional sport or just relaxing - you are even covered whilst flying or driving.

You can cover yourself for up to 100% of your gross weekly earnings, including allowances. Even if you are entitled to receive benefits from another source such as sick leave or workers compensation, your weekly benefits will be topped up to 100% of your pre-disability earnings.
Case Study
Sam the FAAA member breaks his leg playing mixed netball and needs 8 weeks off work.

Luckily Sam is insured under the FAAA Accident & Illness policy, having elected to cover himself for injury and illness cover with a maximum weekly benefit of $1000 and a 28 day excess.

Sam currently has six weeks of sick leave and 2 weeks of annual leave accruals. His pre-disability average income is $1200 per week however his base rate of pay is only $700 per week.

What benefits would Sam be entitled to under his FAAA Accident and Sickness Policy?

Weeks 1 – 4
No benefits are payable under the policy as this is Sam’s nominated excess period. Sam does however receive $700 per week from his employer as sick leave

Weeks 5 – 6
Sam continues to receive $700 per week sick leave from his employer however his FAAA accident policy now kicks-in and he begins to receive an additional $500 per week from the insurer to bring his weekly earning up to 100% of his pre-disability average salary.

Weeks 6 - 8
Sam has now utilised all his sick leave accruals, so while Sam will now get nothing from his employer his FAAA Accident & Illness policy will pay him $1000 per week. Sam is not required to utilise his annual leave.

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