Common delays in processing claims
Common delay 1: The insured person incurs a disability that prevents them from working, however, they don’t contact us for a claim form until some time later – in some cases it has been up to twelve (12) months. Please inform our office immediately in the event you are sick or injured in excess of the waiting period.

Common delay 2:
The claimant fails to complete all questions on the Claim form or forwards medical certificates outlining the cause of disability as a “medical condition”. The insurers will not assess any claim unless a detailed explanation is provided by your doctor of the cause of disability.

Common delay 3:
There may be instances where the insurer will require further medical information from your doctor or treating doctors (at their expense). This can delay assessment of your claim if your doctor does not respond in a timely manner. Whilst we will follow this up on your behalf it is in your best interests to follow up your doctor as well as in our experience doctors often don’t treat these matters as a priority until the patient gets involved.

Common delay 4:
Where a claimant needs to provide further information such as WorkCover Certificates of Capacity, WorkCover Rates of Compensation or Partial Earnings (if applicable), delays can be experienced.
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